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British Council

Teaching English: How to Plan a Great Lesson

British Council via FutureLearn


Improve your English lesson planning and explore teaching with technology

Effective lesson planning will help your English students get the most from your classes.

On this teaching English course, you will look at four professional practices, share your own experiences, and apply what you’ve learnt to your CPD.

As you explore the key components of lesson planning, you’ll learn the importance of relationship-building and using technology to engage and support your students.

You’ll also learn the best ways to manage your lessons and make the most of any teaching resources available to you.

This course is designed for English language teachers around the world who want to improve their teaching methods and lesson planning.

You could be teaching at a primary, secondary, or higher education level.

Taught by

Claire Ross


4.8 rating, based on 356 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    I have participated in several courses online, in different platforms, as Coursera, Edx, in Universities as Yale or Harvard, and in Future Learn I have had the best experience. Because, you send weekly our reminders. This particular course has been so...
  • Anonymous
    I've enjoyed this course and the most thing I like about it is the videos of real lessons in real class and their feedbacks. Also, the reflective journal is something I would like to try because I used to do it and evaluate my work, but not in a written way.

    I have a prevoius knowledge of most of the techniques in the course till now, but it's always a good thing to refresh your memory and meet people who share their experiences and opinions with you.

    Thank you for your efforts and for all pdfs, links and apps that you shared with us.

  • Anonymous
    Hello! I'm Sagir from Bangladesh. My teaching career is not very long. Hardly 2 and a half years. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have joined during the COVID-19 pandemic. After joining the school, I didn't get a chance to take class for 17 months....
  • Anonymous
    The most remarkable aspect about this course is that it is eminently practical. First of all you are introduced on the idea of approaching your students taking into account their different needs, interests, circumstances, ages, etc., in order to create...
  • Profile image for Baldana Turmaganbet
    Baldana Turmaganbet
    I really enjoyed taking this course. I analyzed myself and studied with different teachers. There were also useful links where I could find materials for all occasions.
  • Ana De Pretto
    I only have to thank you for this stunning course!!! Congratulations Team and The British Council!!!!
  • Anonymous
    I´ve started this course with few knowledge about teaching English and I've just finished the course and it blew my mind with bright ideas, concepts and above all a lot of good practices and advices given by colleagues spread around the world. It was an astonishing experience and I am pretty sure it will help me to be a better teacher. Thanks everybody - teachers, colleagues for sharing your time with us!
  • Anonymous
    I definitely love British Council's work and everything that you have been doing in order to improve the teaching of English (as a Lingua Franca, maybe?).
    I was watching the videos within the tasks and I was amazed to see the range of countries you selected to show the points aimed. I was also wondering whether some of these classroom recordings could have been set up just for the sake of recording an example activity. Aren't there any kind of distractions in the classrooms? Students are always so engaged in the tasks? How would teachers deal not only with the teaching itself, but also managing the unexpected situations of a classroom?
  • Anonymous
    Even on the halfway I surely say thank you for this course! As I had some break in my teaching practice staying with my own kids I started feeling unconfident in my teaching knowledge and needed some inspiration for moving forward. Now I already have it, I'm again sure that I definitely made a right choice of profession. There are many usefull and interesting articles, videos, teaching matelials and collegues comments. I save all the information for my further lessons. It's always great to communicate with teachers from different countries, read about their ideas and to watch lesson videos so I can think it over and get my own experience.
  • Anonymous
    I've been teaching English for a number of years, but I decided to take this course because I felt I was losing my motivation and getting into a bit of a rut. My progress has been slow, but at the halfway stage I'm happy to report that a lot of my assumptions and beliefs about lesson planning have been challenged, especially as regards the scheme of work for the whole course, the aims and stages of a lesson and the use of coursebooks. It's also great to be able to compare notes with colleagues from different parts of the world, and I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned into practice next year.
  • Anonymous
    The course is absolutely incredible and informative. I have learnt a lot. It offered me a systematic and practical way to gain knowledge regardingteachingEnglish.

    I like everything about it. It really broadened my horizons regarding planning lessons. I like the way in which they divid a lesson into stages and how they put aims to each stage. Moreover, I like the idea of adapting activities in the textbook to suit our learners.
    Finally, I would like to very much thank the instructors for their great work.
  • Anonymous
    I really appreciate this course, I'm new in teaching and I finished this course with a notebook full of notes and a lot of useful links, pdf's and app's to help me while I'm teaching.

    The information was clear and easy to understand, and I'm really thankful for all the activities ideas that now I could use.

    Also the commentary section with other teachers around the world and the active work made by Suzanne pinning important coments or answering them was really helpful.
  • Anonymous
    A great course. I recommend it to any teacher who wants to teach online. The tasks, links and resources provided in the course will be helpful during your career as an online teacher.
  • Anonymous
    Very enjoyable course! I particularly like further reading articles. Carefully chosen resources and wonderful teaching ideas from other experienced teachers. Thank you so much!
  • Anonymous
    The content of itself is fine. The issues I have with Futurelearn courses is the time they take and the time allowed. I have done a number of courses but am unlikely to do any more because this is a recurring issue. I work full time as a teacher so have to fit these courses in where I can. I have never found one that takes the time advertised. Those timings are unrealistic and spoil the overall experience.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    I love the content presented so far. The short videos are great because they don't take long and show us a good example of what is being described in the step. The only thing I would change so far is to give participants full access to the course or longer pages. I don't like having to click on "done" and "next" every 4 minutes. Thanks a lot for all those great contents
  • Anonymous
    The course is the best course with so many interesting videos and articles I have ever come across. There are many free books to be downloaded for giving vast knowledge about different topics. The realy a great one which helps me to change my view about planning lessons for classroom teaching. This is a real guide to lesson plan for day to day teaching.
  • Anonymous
    I'm really enjoying this course. It is very helpful to have a glossary to rely on since it saves me a lot of researching time and this allows me to concentrate on the focus of the step. I also appreciate the class demonstration videos because I understand the information better after seeing the application. Thank you very much for this course!
  • Anonymous
    Loved the course! A lot of things which I learnt on my CELTA curse was on here. It was the perfect course to refresh my skills as I had a long career break. Lots of videos of teachers teaching in live classrooms which really added lot of value. Highly recommend if you're starting out , taken a long or have no professional training in teaching.
  • Anonymous
    I have learnt so many new teaching techniques. The resources are very useful for me. Especially this week the planning . It is very details and teach us steps by steps. Thank you for these additional materials, they are very useful! I will study them and use some ideas during my lessons.

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