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Mathematical Economics

Doon University, Dehradun and CEC via Swayam


Welcome Dear Learner!It is a pleasure to welcome you to the course Mathematical Economics.This course has been designed to make the study of Economics using Mathematics simple and easy to understand.Apart from Economics, this course will be beneficial to solve problems in Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Finance, Management, Policy-making and Analytics.Objectives of the course:Build models by expressing words in symbols, numbers and equationsExplore techniques to solve complex problemsMeasure the effect of change and discover techniques to improve your decision-making processExplore Economic dynamicsSkills you will gain:Scientific Thinking Logical ThinkingCritical ThinkingAnalytical ThinkingPre-requisites:Elementary EconomicsElementary Mathematics


Week 1:Number Systems, Set Theory andFunctionsWeek 2:Economic ModelsWeek 3:Utility andPartial Equilibrium Market ModelWeek 4:MatrixAlgebra
Week 5: Application ofMatrix in Market Model andNational Income ModelWeek 6:Input-Output Analysis
Week 7:DifferentiationWeek 8:Linear ProgrammingWeek 9: Duality in Linear ProgrammingWeek 10: Integration and its ApplicationsWeek 11:Differential Equations Week 12: ExactDifferential Equations and Second Order Differential EquationsWeek 13:Difference Equations
Week 14:Applications of Difference Equations in EconomicsWeek 15:Computational Economics

Detailed Syllabus: Click here

Taught by

Ms. Sikha Ahmad and Mr. Ishteyaaq Ahmad


4.8 rating, based on 200 Class Central reviews

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  • It is really one of the best course. I am a continuous learner from swayam nptel. I have done courses orgsnised by mooc of IIT KGP, IIT KANPUR, IIT MADRAS, IIMB, IISC BANGALORE, IIT ROORKIE etc. I found this one is the best among them in terms of syllabus, delivery, course outcomes and quality.
  • Profile image for Bharath HB
    Bharath HB
    Bharath H B Taken Mathematical Economics course from Swayam Why I have taken this course? I am Pursuing MA in economics from IGNOU. As I had a keen interest in learning Mathematical economics, my couriosity made me to take up this wonderful course...
  • Anonymous
    Credit goes to Sikha madam, Ishteyaaq sir and the complete team of Mathematical Economics Swayam course for delivering the academics as per the need and aspirations of learners. Credit also goes to the advisors and resource persons. Thank you all. Course...
  • Shubhangi B. Patil

    Shubhangi B. Patil is taking this course right now, spending 5 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.

    I really liked the course.the course is very well organised and upto the mark. Along with videos on mathematical economics, I also liked the last video on how to communicate in mooc discussion forum.The coordinator and her team must have put lot of efforts and made proper planning before starting this course. I am a assistant professor in economics always wanted to learn econometrics n mathematical economics, but could not get time , the foreign course on same were difficult to understand due to their language pronouciation, but this Indian course is very very good and easy to understand.looking forward to you for a series of such courses taking us from basic to advanced learning of the subject. Shikha mam, I have become your fan.thank you.
  • Anonymous
    Dear teachers, thank you so much for your constant attempt to make us learning mathematical economics. The course as of now has been quite helpful. You have made the concepts and theories easy to understand. It has been made so simple to understand that even a non-mathmatical background student can find easy to grasp after a little efforts. Mathmatics in economics these days are very essential, this could help us to express theories and model in concise form. We all believe that each and every student of economics need to analyse economic theory and models in mathematical form. They must also understand the theory very clearly. I believe your enthusiastic training will help everyone to achieve their goals. Thank you once again.
  • Anonymous
    The course Mathematical Economics was really helpful. The video contents are very attractive and easily understandable. Really it was a beautiful journey of learning.
    The way of explaining and presenting the subject were excellent and contents were also good.

    Thanks you very much.

    Awaiting for same kind of other economics courses from you.
  • Anonymous
    I have taken other courses on the swayam platform last semester and currently am also taking other courses apart from ME. As a matter of sincerity, the presentation, the course content and the practicality of the course make it one of the best courses I have taken on swayam.

    Although, before the course started I anticipated a more mathematically rigorous course, because I have a background in mathematics with economics, that has not been the case.

    I really appreciate Sikha's authority over the subject matter and her presentation skills.

    It's a good course, and I will recommend for anyone who wants to have insight into mathematical economics.

  • Anonymous
    this course is really appreciate and helpful to us. each and every topic is very good and I also like the animation that had made this course more attractive too . The Coordinators are explains the material clearly with plenty of real life examples.
  • Anonymous
    This course is easily understandable even for one who hails from humanities background like me. Maths was once a monster for me.. after I joined this course, I can now feel a better version of myself in dealing with mathematical economics. The creative explanation of this staff made this course more interesting. The surprises show their passion for the development of skills in the students. Thank you 'Swayam' for making me meet this amazing teachers.
  • Anonymous
    This course is very helpful to me and very appreciate to us. Your making video of this corse is easier understand to us.
  • Profile image for Gyanesh Nanore
    Gyanesh Nanore
    The course has given me new perspective to look at the subject of Mathematical Methods of Economics.

    The video lectures are made interesting by using different graphics and helps in engaging you with the subject without distraction.

    The thorough explanation of subject is helpful even if you are starting from scratch. With mathematical methods the basic concept of Economics is also explained as and when required so that you wont lack the idea when solving the problems.


    Gyanesh Nanore
  • Profile image for Prabhjot Kaur
    Prabhjot Kaur
    This is the BEST online course I 've taken ....

    I really appreciate the care taken to script each and every topic and I also like the animation that had made this course more attractive too . The Coordinators are great,explains the material clearly with plenty of real life examples.Even the whatsApp group had been made to clear our each & every doubts .

    Overall, I consider this a great course, with the great Coordinators and I would recommend it to everyone!
  • Profile image for Deepanshu Madhok
    Deepanshu Madhok
    This is the best course I had seen till now. I would say that I was that type of person who always get afraid when the mathematics part came but this course has changed my perspective. It not only help me in developing my analytical and critical thinking skills but also now I am able to apply mathematical concepts in my real life. Now I say I started loving mathematical part since I am able to solve questions easily.

    Thank you for a wonderful course
  • Profile image for Francis Obeng
    Francis Obeng
    This program has actually enlightened me to understand more about Mathematics. It gives meaning to every Maths expressions or equations. I'm a Maths student but have come to appreciate Maths more because of economics. I have now understood that every...
  • Anonymous
    This course is well put together, even a student with no mathematical background can easily use mathematics in Economics. The video lectures are easy to understand and on top of this , Ma'am Sikha and Sir Ishteyaaq took the trouble in preparing of notes .
    Thank you both, for your efforts and dedication.
  • Anonymous
    The course is very helpful in enhancing our mathematical skills.The creative videos are there which help us in understanding the concept and it almost give us the feel like that we are studying in a classroom. Whatsapp group is there where we get all the important information and makes it easier for us to understand everything. And we can solve our problems by asking teachers.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    First, I like to congratulate and appreciate the effort put on by Prof.Sikha Ahmad and her team. I have done two courses on mathematics and statistics in my UG and PG,(long back......) but since I have to reequip myself, I registered for this course,...
  • Anonymous
    It helps to feel comfortable to learn Mathematics for Economics. The content of the course is well organized. It required

    very little time spent to watch videos but need more time to mastering the concepts through practice questions as well as referring the Alpha Chiang Mathematics for Economicst book. Finally, I suggest students from Economics should take this opportunity.
  • The course is really something to look upto,for its simplicity and design.Something which is not too hard hitting and heavy,easy to comprehend and engaging at the same time.

    Never thought that graduates too could learn in a fun way!It comes in small doses,to be absorbed and assimilated,one concept at a time.True wisdom is making something complex,as easy as possible,and the creators of the course have succeeded in doing so.While Maths and Economics are generally assumed(at least i do so)to be all complex stuff ,the course makes you believe you are going through a text book meant for a child,with pictures and games and lots of colors ,contrary to the black and white endless pages of equations and complex notations.
  • Anonymous
    As a faculty teaching mathematical economics I was rather interested in taking up the course as it has always been my favourite. I must sincerely admit the innovative ways that each topic is presented to the students are wonderful. Intact I have got wonderful ideas. Each and every topic is so well explained that I feel every student will be benefited.

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