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University of Tasmania

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

University of Tasmania via Independent


Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), offering university-quality education about TBI covering the spectrum from mild concussion through to severe injury.

Traumatic brain injury is often described as a silent epidemic, with approximately 69 million cases occurring worldwide each year. The Understanding TBI MOOC is a free online course that aims to raise awareness and build knowledge to reduce risk, as well as improve management and rehabilitation outcomes for people who have experienced a TBI. A multidisciplinary team from the University of Tasmania, along with guest experts worldwide, looks at the causes and consequences of TBI, as well as the types of injuries and frequency at which they occur across the lifespan.

The Understanding TBI MOOC is designed to be accessible and is suitable for anyone with a personal or professional interest in learning more about Traumatic Brain Injury, including:

  • Sporting coaches and sports association members
  • Professional and amateur sportspeople
  • Teachers and school administrators
  • Risk and safety professionals
  • Health policy makers
  • Defence force staff
  • Allied health, nursing and medical professionals
  • Professional care and support workers
  • People living with a TBI and their families
  • Residential and community care staff
  • Anyone interested in brain health and neuroscience


Module 1 – Brain Science and TBI Pathology 

2 hours recommended 

  • What is a brain injury?
  • Introduction to the brain and brain anatomy and brain function
  • Biomechanics of TBI
  • Primary vs Secondary Injury
  Module 2 – TBI from Mild to Severe

4 hours recommended

  • Mild TBI/concussion and symptoms and modes of concussion
  • Moderate to Severe TBI
  • Primary Damage in Focal TBI
  • Secondary Injury Cascades
  • Diffuse Brain Injury
  • Oedema
  • Imaging for diagnosis/prognosis
  • Link between brain injury, cognition and behaviour
  Module 3 – TBI across the Lifespan

2 hours recommended

  • Paediatric TBI
  • TBI across age groups
  • TBI in older adults
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)
  • Consequences outside the brain
  Module 4 – Life after TBI

2 hours recommended

  • Impairments and Outcomes
  • Rehabilitation
  • Life for family members after TBI
  • Support after TBI
  • Personal traits: coping style
  • Personal traits: resilience
  • Sourcing reliable information


4.9 rating, based on 782 Class Central reviews

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  • This is the fourth MOOC I've take with the U of Tasmania and knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I enrolled. It provides a great overview of the topic of TBI in a logical and easy to understand format. You can be involved as much or as...
  • Made with the same thoroughness and dedication as the Understanding Dementia and Preventing Dementia courses, the Wicking Dementia Centre, University of Tasmania delivered again in creating this course on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The content is both comprehensive and authoritative - from pathology to management - while simultaneously being digestible by a wide range of audiences both professional and casual. I particularly appreciate the testimonies of survivors of TBI and/or their carers - they add a relatable, human face to the condition of interest. I highly recommend this course to everyone.
  • Another excellent course from the University of Tasmania! I took the course mainly because I know people who have suffered concussion. This course explained how the brain can be damaged from concussive incidents and just what happens in the brain. Plus the consequence (long-term injury) of repeated concussions before the brain has fully healed. It should be compulsory learning for every sportsperson who is keen to get back on the playing field as soon as possible.
  • Very informative and useful course, with a lot of activities (e.g. Body Central) that help to understand the materials better).
    Thanks you for providing this course online, and help me to continuously learn new things
  • Leanne Snep
    The TBI MOOC was really informative and interesting. I learnt a lot about the impacts and long lasting effects of TBI that I never knew before, as well as reinforcing the things I already knew. It was really easy to understand and navigate the system and I would recommend the TBI MOOC to anyone with an interest.
  • Anonymous
    This is a fantastic course to increase the knowledge you already have about Traumatic Brain Injury, the effects on the person, those around the person and rehabilitation. Learning at your own speed is helpful and efficient. Thanks to those who developed this course and made it available to us. More people in the community need to do this course.
  • Claudia Caldwell
    The first time I came across the MOOC TBI was June last year. I had completed several other short courses at that time and felt a bit tired and overwhelmed completing the course. So I enrolled again in March this year 2022 with the intention to get out...
  • Lih Lih Ong
    In this MOOC TBI , I learnt that my hubby had an open head injury (30 years ago.) He had a cut on his forehead , above his eyebrow, by a full speed moving ceiling fan blade . Thank & praise GOD for giving him life. The nerves at the back of his head...
  • Anonymous
    I found this course very Stimulating it was concise and had accurate course context the vidoeos were very easy to view and listen to
  • Anonymous
    Though it was quite technical at times in some videos - I had some difficulty in maintaining complete focus on the detailed scientific/anatomy and physiology of the brain parts and changes that can occur after head injury - but reviewing the information...
  • This course was excellent. Very well laid out and informative. As a sufferer of a serious TBI in early 2005, I found the information to be very accurate and it even opened my mind to seeking further opportunities for my continued recovery.
  • This is a great beginners introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury covering causes, impacts, consequences and rehabilitation options and includes a brief but useful introduction to the brain and how it functions. A little "science nerdy" in that Module...
  • Anonymous
    I took this course to broaden my knowledge of CNS biology after taking previous MOOCs from Wicking on MS and Dementia. I knew little about the forms of Traumatic Brain Injury beforehand. In particular I didn't know that concussion is a brain injury, with...
  • Edward Stewart Beveridge
    This course not only discusses injury but also give a good description of the normal uninjured brain and what injury can and will do to various areas of the brain and some of the results seen immediately at time and site of trauma. It is easily seen how...
  • Anonymous
    The course was educating and informative because it broadened my knowledge on Brain injuries.Again it helped me to refresh my memory on anatomy and physiology of the brain. Moreover, I was able to know that there are three types of TBI,mild,moderate...
  • Anonymous
    If anyone is unsure whether or not to enrol on the MOOC TBI course I would strongly urge them to do so. The three MOOC courses offered by UTas Wickings are by far the best non-academic courses I have completed - the content priceless to those who 'need'...
  • Evelyn Bayrante
    I recommend this course to anybody it is better to have more knowledge that not to have one. I feel previledge to be one of the student . I am a retired Registered Nurse and it is nice to refresh my knlowlwdge. I feel more confident to share more...
  • Anonymous
    Great, free resource that is highly evidence based and informative for anyone working, living or experiencing in any way TBI. There is still lots of research to be done on TBI but they included more up to date information on concussions, which I don't...
  • Johnny Woo
    Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a good course for the beginer without the medical and clinical background. The course is starting from the basic and lead you to know about the main cause of injury. At the begining, I think Traumatic Brain...
  • Anonymous
    MOOC course on TBI opens an avenue for those who are keen to know more on this topic. It is free and flexible, allowing participants to join or leave the course site at any time. Videos from health professionals are informative and eye opening. The...

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