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University of Tasmania

Preventing Dementia

University of Tasmania via Independent


Preventing Dementia is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), offering university-quality education about the latest research in dementia risk and protective factors. The free 4-week course provides an opportunity to engage with the perspectives of a global community, without requiring exams or assignments.

With the ageing of the world’s population, dementia is looming as the public health issue of the 21st Century. Is it possible to modify your risk of dementia? A substantial proportion of risk is associated with advanced ageing as well as genetic risk factors, but the latest research has indicated there are modifiable risk factors which may decrease your susceptibility to dementia. The Preventing Dementia MOOC investigates the best available evidence about dementia prevention, drawing on a range of global experts.

You will have the opportunity to engage in online discussions, and can also participate in new research in this field, to help us determine the most effective ways to help people reduce their dementia risk. At the end of the Preventing Dementia MOOC, there is also the opportunity to undertake an assessment of your individual risk.

Preventing Dementia is designed to be accessible and appealing to people from diverse backgrounds including

  • Health and allied health professionals
  • Community and residential aged care staff
  • Health policymakers
  • Social scientists
  • Individuals with a general interest in brain health and/or dementia

The course runs for 6 weeks in total. The first week of the course is an orientation period. Content will be delivered during weeks 2 to 6. To obtain the most from this course, participants should expect to spend approximately 2 hours per week engaging with the course content and activities. After successfully completing the final quiz, participants will be eligible to download a free certificate of completion.


Course Outline

  Module 1 – Can dementia be prevented?
  • Key concepts in dementia prevention
  • Definition of dementia and introduction to the diseases that cause dementia
  • Important factors influencing the numbers of people with dementia across the globe
  • The impact of dementia on the health care system
  Module 2 – Risk factors for dementia
  • How we study dementia risk in populations
  • Non-modifiable vs modifiable risk factors
  • The major modifiable risk factors
  • How dementia risk is measured at individual and population levels
  Module 3 – Dementia risk – it’s not all in your head
  • Evidence supporting links between key vascular and medical risk factors with dementia
  Module 4 – A healthy and active life
  • Evidence supporting links between key lifestyle factors and risk of dementia
  • mpact of depression on dementia risk
  • Impact of education on dementia risk
  • Concept of ‘cognitive reserve’
  Module 5 – Interventions for prevention
  • Key strategies for prevention at the individual and population level
  • Encouraging healthy behaviours
  • What you can do to reduce your risk of dementia
  • Current research initiatives


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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the course. I enjoyed all the modules and meeting international specialists and researchers. Personally I found the explanation of hereditary factors and risk of developing dementia enlightening and hugely...
  • Use it or lose it. I enrolled the course for my 2nd time as the revision. I thought would be able to remember 80% of details or knowledge like what I did from the previous year. No I am wrong, maximum 10% what I did remember.

    This is proved to myself that never think twice to study something you think you already know.

    Thank you very much for generouse academic course to the public. I do appreciate it, Preventing Dementia is helpful for my health benefits and my learning output throughout the course.
  • Unbelievably good... & free! This course puts dementia in its place: it is a fatal disease affecting the body & brain together; it cannot be prevented or cured; the risk of succumbing to it CAN be significantly reduced by simple measures that also reduce...
  • Interesting information, well presented and easy to access. It was also easy to dip in and out, spending as much or as little time as I had available on any one day, and then to pick up where I left off. The content is very easy to understand, with links...
  • This was my first MOOC and I was apprehensive about it, especially since I enrolled 2 weeks into it. It was easy to follow and catch up on.
    I liked that there are text versions for all the videos, made it easier to go back and take notes.
    The information was plainly spoken, not overly technical or needing to already be trained in the medical field to understand.
    You gain application knowledge to understanding dementia and implement changes in your own life to help reduce risk.
    The extra reading link options included were nice for when you have time and interest to delve a little deeper into some areas.
  • Lorna Kay Durrant

    Lorna Kay Durrant completed this course.

    Having previously completed the Understanding Dementia Course in 2017, I have just completed the 2018 Preventing Dementia MOOC Course. I can now see why this Course is rated to be in the top 50 Worldwide Online Courses, and rated also as the top medical/lay...
  • Thanks University Tasmania Wicking Dementia Centre for developing and running this MOOC Preventing Dementia. It's fantastic to be able to partake of such high calibre program, free of charge.

    I've registered for the next available course, Understanding Dementia 2021, and look forward to it very much.

    I will certainly strongly recommend family and friends to register into both courses. Now that I've done one course, I may be more effective in my 'sales' effort!

    Thanks to the faculty and team for a world class MOOC program!!

  • This course has provided me with greater insight to dementia prevention, it's causes and relevant preventive measures to minimize the risk factors for developing the condition. Not only on the personal level, topics covered the larger perspectives of global influences on risk factors that contribute to the increasing percentage of dementia incidences across the populations.
  • Anonymous
    As I am 67yrs and my mother at 92 is in the initial stages of dementia, so I found the course most relevant and very informative. The areas covered were presented in a sequential format by experts in the field, starting with Module 1 - Identifying Dementia....
  • I highly recommend this course to both health professionals and those with an interest in learning more about the prevention of dementia.

    The course is presented in an informative, engaging manner, and contains interviews and findings from current global research.
  • I really enjoyed this course, and would recommend it to anyone who was looking for ways to improve their risk factors or their families risk factors of getting dementia. Thank you for making this information so easily accessible.
  • This offering is a well-curated course on preventive measures for dementia, an increasingly-important global health concern. Made no less by one of the most authoritative centers for dementia research and education in the world, in collaboration with...
  • Good course it was very informative. The content was really good especially the research evidences and relating to real life situations.
  • I previously completed the Understanding Dementia MOOC, and found this course to be an excellent sequel. The format was easy to engage with, and being a text-based learner, I really appreciated being able to read the text as well as or instead of watching or listening to the videos. The infographics at the end of some of the modules were great to summarise the key ideas in a simple easily understood format, and the summary list for each module made it easy to reinforce the information and get it out of short-term memory and into something more durable.
  • Anna Grazia Pietrolungo

    Anna Grazia Pietrolungo completed this course.

    I have recently completed the "Preventing Dementia" course "MOOC" with the university of Tasmania. It has been an enjoyable, informal way of learning about the subject within my own time. Having the course presented on line with the many videos and articles,...
  • Very informative, if you want to listen to a professional tell you what is true and what is a lie about dementia myths, this is the course.

    You will not just understand how dementia manifests in the brain, but also many factors that contribute to risk, how to prevent them, and how to participate if you want to be more involved for the cause
  • Leonie Curran
    This course is interesting, informative, well produced, freely available to all and helpful for community health promotion, as well as anyone who wishes to reduce their own risk of developing dementia. My father, an aunt and an uncle all lived with dementia, so personally, I am keen to reduce my own risk. I am a Nurse Educator involved in Person Centred Dementia Care workshops, and I have learnt lots from this MOOC, and unreservedly recommend it.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Thank you for MOOC and all this course lecturers. I am very enjoy learning. I have got a lot of new knowledge and important information, Is it possible ? Can Dementia prevented? But studies we understand that dementia , particularly in the oldest...
  • Florence Mbogu
    Preventing Dementia MOOC, of the University of Tasmania is a useful course for individual, family, and institutional management of dementia risk factors, dementia prevention and control for all and sundry. The course revealed to me that many do not...
  • Anonymous
    I am struggling with early onset dementia, awaiting some degree of certainty. This course and the previous MOOC Understanding Dementia gave me a very thorough, informative and understandable guide to dementia and what I might have experienced and may be going to experience as well as opportunities to reduce the risk and or dementia decline.

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