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Wageningen University

Nutrition and Health: Micronutrients and Malnutrition

Wageningen University via edX


There is an overload of information about nutrition and health, but what is the truth and what can you do to improve the health of your patients? Learn more about nutrition and how our diet profoundly impacts our current and future health. This course addresses the relationship between nutrition and human health, with a focus on health problems related to malnutrition.

In this course, Professor Sander Kersten from Wageningen University & Research will explain about the micronutrient (vitamins, minerals, and trace elements) content of foods. You will learn about their role in the body and their impact on our health. Moreover, this course will discuss how suboptimal nutrition may affect human health, with particular attention to malnutrition and global hunger. You will learn about strategies to improve and combat these problems of malnutrition. Finally, the course will make you familiar with nutritional research and research methodologies.

For whom?

This MOOC is especially useful for health care professionals and people working in the food industry with a non-nutrition background. You will develop a critical mind set by learning to better weigh and interpret information about food, nutrition and health. to improve overall health

This course, is part of the Food, Nutrition and Health Professional Certificate Program of Wageningen University & Research. Did you already complete Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients and Overnutrition? That is the first course in the Food, Nutrition and Health Professional Certificate Program. To explore other learning opportunities about nutrition, have a look at the courses

  • Food Risks
  • Human Microbiome
  • Nutrition and Cancer
  • Nutrition, Heart Disease and Diabetes


Module 1: Basic Principles of micronutrients
Start the course by learning about the general principles that apply to vitamins
and minerals.

Module 2: Water, minerals, trace elements
In this module you will look at the health effects of water, and will cover the various
dietary minerals.

Module 3: Fat soluble vitamins and health
Learn about the fat soluble vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E.

Module 4: Water soluble vitamins and health
For this module, you'll shift your focus to a few of the water soluble vitamins: vitamin C, folate and vitamin B12.

Module 5: The global burden of micronutrient malnutrition
Discuss the prevalence and trends of micronutrient deficiencies
and their geographical distribution. We will also talk about the double burden of

Module 6: Global solutions to micronutrient deficiencies
This module will outline the available strategies to alleviate micronutrient

Module 7: Insight in the future of Nutritional Science (verified learners only)
In this module you will get to see some of the exciting research that is currently being
done in the field of Nutritional Science.

Taught by

Sander Kersten


4.7 rating, based on 193 Class Central reviews

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  • Very informative course.
    This course improved my knowledge and skill to choose better food for myself and people around me
  • I found this course quite interesting, engaging and informative. It made me learn lots of things under the umbrella of micronutrients along with answers to many questions I earlier had to understand the cause of global burden of micronutrients and work done in this field for its solution and overcome the deficiencies.

    I would highly recommend this course for those who are interested or looking for building their career in subject like these.
  • Anonymous
    A good course worth doing because of the wealth of information disseminated in easy to read, hear and understand modes. Will be able to understand the importance of adequate nutrition and components needed to consumed to achieve it. The impact of micronutrients in the world's malnutrition scenario is well explained and appreciated.
  • Anonymous
    This course helps me to learn all about lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and various things, I have learned so much from the professors of Wageningen University via edX, • The videos, and the reading sections are very understandable and easy to learn. • The...
  • Anonymous
    This course is very informal and help full. Stray to the point easy to understand. The only problem I have (this is for me not anyone else problem I have because of my dyslexia so don't take this to seriously.) Is for me understanding the last part in paragraphs I have a hard time how to present my work because it's to me not clear what the topic should be about. I get it about health but like a clear page on what of the (topic of nutrients) I should use. I found one but I need my mom's help to pick one. But in all I really liked this course it's just hard for me at first it was hard in the terms and questions. But in time it became easier but challenging.
  • Anonymous
    I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Micronutrients and Malnutrition especially all the interviews presented by professionals in the field of Nutrition. I liked listening to the the experiences from different Professors who spent years out in the field doing research studies of Micronutrients in countries like Ghana, Guatemala and Bangladesh. This course opened my eyes to the challenge of preventing malnutrition on a global scale. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in helping others to improve their health and how to better interpret information released on social media sites about health, nutrition and types of food.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Great job! I found the course very informative. It's also very well structured. I personally hold a degree in Linguistics and Management and I'm passionate about Nutrition Science. I was really concerned if I should take the courses on Macro and Micronutrients...
  • Anonymous
    After taking up this course, I better understand micronutrients, how and why people need them, and how it affects our body. I have learned a lot about the benefits of all the different types of vitamins and understand who should take them. Furthermore, the understanding Malnutrition that can cause different kinds of sickness. I am glad that I have enrolled on this course to gain knowledge of Food, Health and Nutrition.
  • Anonymous
    This was an interesting course and together with the one on Macronutrients gave me a good overview of key topics and a good background for further reading and studying.
    As ths course is open to people with different background I appreciate how difficult topics were made understandable, An exception was the part on vitamins that I found really difficult (as wel as the verfied examinations)
  • Anonymous
    It is a great course for introducing one to the world of nutrition. For me it has kindled the interest for learning more about this area, and I am considering to pursue a Masters in this subject after attending this course. it has given me clarity on many topics which have helped me at my workplace in the Nutrition Policy Planning process.
  • Anonymous
    As a person in which l have been out of classrooms or taken courses whether on-line or face to face in a long time, l found this course easy to comprehend with graphics and easy to read text. It is always a challenge to start something new and somewhat unknown but Wageningen University made it easy and simple! Two thumps up !
  • Anonymous
    This course provides an excellent overview of micronutrients, addressing the most important vitamins and minerals. The scientific angle of this course provides factual information and the lecturers are very knowledgeable and share great insights. I highly recommend this course.
  • Profile image for Zawkhaing Naing
    Zawkhaing Naing
    Yes, great course.
    Totally agree with that.
    Their experiences and learning is very effective.
    All teachers and mentors are very kind and patient.
    They are very smart and this course is very systematic.
    We have touched many colorful videos and presentation.
  • Anonymous
    This course is fact and science based and provides an excellent overview of micronutrients without the influences of fad diets and marketing . It is easy to follow and an excellent source of information. The Professors are very professional and interesting.
  • Anonymous
    It was really good. Easy to follow but not a just read along course. In the questions and examples you can tell that people thought well about the course. It was worth the time and the money.
  • Anonymous
    It is a very helpful course with a lot important information not only for the practical life but also personal life with your family and kids to take care of them health
  • Anonymous
    Excellent course! I learned a lot and basics of nutritional science. Most importantly, the course build a foundation form me to further explore the field.
  • Anonymous
    I am very glad I took this course, because event the free version is very complete ! Indeed I learned a lot and that's what I was aiming for.
  • Anonymous
    It was very thorough. Much greater detail than anticipated but very interesting
    I was not expecting the peer assignments which was excellent
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed the course, gained lots of new knowledge about hidden malnutrition- it's causes and effects.

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