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University System of Maryland

Data Science and Agile Systems for Product Management

University System of Maryland and University of Maryland, College Park via edX


Modern systems today must be designed for agility in order to outpace the competition. Concepts like Agile, DevOps, and Data Science were once considered only for the technology-based companies. Today that means every company. Because there is no greater currency than timely information for optimizing operations and meeting the needs of customers.

Modern product management requires that every development and operations value stream is identified and continuously improved. This means using Lean and DevOps principles to streamline handoffs and information flows across teams. It means reorienting towards self-service and automation wherever possible. And to avoid incrementalism, it means a robust Agile development process to keep innovations important and aggressive enough to make noticeable improvements in value delivery.

Agile systems in a DevOps environment requires that products are built completely differently from a traditional designs. Modularity, open set architectures, and flexible data management paradigms are a starting point. The evolutionary nature of the product with so much change enables functionality, design, and technology to drive and influence each other simultaneously. And beneath it all is a data collection and feedback loop essential for anticipating and reacting to business needs both for operations and marketing.

Data science and analytics are the lifeblood of any product organization, and enable product managers to tackle risks early. Luckily, new technologies allow us to collect and integrate data without extreme upfront constraints and onerous controls. This means all data is fair game, and when tagged and stored properly, can be made available at nearly any scale for preparation, visualization, analysis, and modeling.

We’ll teach you the paradigms, processes, and introduce some key technologies that make the data-driven product organization the optimal competitor in the market.


Module 1: Agile Systems Engineering

Module 2: DevOps Principles for Business Agility

Module 3: Data Science for Product Risk Management

Module 4: Implementing Data-Driven Controls using Technology and Teams

Taught by

John Johnson


4.7 rating, based on 53 Class Central reviews

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  • Profile image for MULEMA FAISAL
    These are the best in online courses that i have ever seen everything is detailed and free , everyone out there please come and join us here at Harvard University you will achieve everything , stop crying of tuition yet you can complete your dream course here thanks alot everyone and whoever came up with this idea thanks.
  • Anonymous
    I may not be the best person for this as I find I struggle with the online format. To just listen to someone talk and then be given questions that may or may not really reflect how the material was taught combined with no ability to engage in Q&A is frustrating. This isn't a bad course. I have multiple agile certs and some of the information is worded in a way that I am not sure I agree with. This course is WAAAAAY better than the Product Design, Prototyping, and Testing course which was almost unbearable. But again - I just don't think I learn well from this type of presentation.
  • Jason Kloth
    This is one of the most rigorous and valuable online courses that I have experienced thus far. The content was laid out in a very linear fashion, each lesson progressed either chronologically (e.g. providing context for different eras of product development) or scaffolding concepts. The instructor did a nice job of providing relevant examples to undergird the concepts. He also went above and beyond in providing links to the references and additional resources. The multiple choice questions required that the learner pay attention throughout and revisit the content. Overall, the course was exceptional. I will be a better leader for having participated.
  • Anonymous
    Very helpful in getting me up to speed on industry best practices and filling in my gaps in knowledge. The lectures are packed with information, and really could be broken out (and are in other courses) into several topical discussions, but were great as an introductory course to general methods and practices. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot!
  • Profile image for Elysia Whitis
    Elysia Whitis
    Really enjoyed this course and learned a lot! I am the founder of a tech company and learning how to use agile systems and data science to properly run my business was crucial. This course taught me a lot of valuable information and I would highly recommend it for anyone who runs companies or is interested in product/ project management.
  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed this introduction to data science and DevOps and plan to continue to learn more about these subjects!

    At this point I plan to complete the fifth course in the UMD program on Product management, and recommend both that program was well as their Agile program (both available on edX).

    A someone with a PMP, it was a great way to maintain my certification (PDU's!) but was also a change to learn new techniques I can apply in our organization.
  • Anonymous
    It is a lot of information. I would not recommend this course if you are getting started.
    is a lot of information. I would not recommend this course if you are getting started.
    is a lot of information. I would not recommend this course if you are getting started.
  • Profile image for Babawale Oluwaseyi Ope
    Babawale Oluwaseyi Ope
    This course has really exposed me to the rudiments of product management and innovations associated with creating a genuine customer value through feedbacks. Undergoing this course is the most resourceful thing I have done in the year 2020. I hereby recommend this course for team leaders and those professionals who are hungry for achieving resulud
  • Profile image for Luis Enrique Oliva Darce
    Luis Enrique Oliva Darce
    Great Material for Lean and Agile methodologies and to pivot to SCRUM in the future. Big takeaways on Project Management and How to Manage them.
  • Profile image for Mohamed Aamer
    Mohamed Aamer
    This is a very nice online course in the product management and project management. It covers a wide range of information with a good details
  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed the course, as it was great for all levels including beginners and those who are still in school and those who are working professionals. I think it was highly detailed and had great supporting materials. The quizzes were a good knowledge check as well as the final exam.
  • Anonymous
    Very useful, great structured and clear to understanding course ever! Thanks to the University of Maryland for this great job!
  • Anonymous
    Good content - theories and frameworks I will be able to refer back to over time. Helpful to be able to consume in our own time.
  • Anonymous
    The depth of information presented is invaluable. I'll be referring to the materials daily. Thank you!
  • Profile image for Daihne Cortes
    Daihne Cortes
    I highly recommend this course!!! Not only because it is part of the Product Management Program, I'm taking but it gives you a deeper understanding how the market works and how important Agile Systems is for businesses.
  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed this course, I learned many important tools for managing projects

    Great course!
  • Victoria Calitas
    I have been an EdX courses student for more than 5 years, I usually take the free courses and enjoy the content mostly without feeling the need to buy a certificate, but this course right on the first week, really got me applying for the EdX financial aid which gave me 90% discount from the total cost. It is so rich with great content, in-depth yet easy to learn, it really makes you enjoy the learning process and the world of product management. I highly recommend it!!!
  • Profile image for K K
    K K
    A great introduction to the principles of data science and agile for product mgmt.


    a. Introduction to and explanation of many powerful concepts in pdt mgmt

    b. Deeply researched and experienced examples

    c. Exhaustive coverage nd deep suggestion list for reading


    a. The alphabet soup of new ideas thrown becomes a tad confusing at times - especially for ppl entering mgmt

    b. More examples and a less rushed jump through a few concepts might help
  • Anonymous
    Course format was broken down into easy to follow and build upon lessons. Instructor had extensive working knowledge and real world examples to apply to the lessons. Lessons include Agile Systems Engineering, DevOps Principles for Business Agility, Data Science for Product Risk Management, and Data-Driven Controls with Technology and Teams.
  • Anonymous
    Wow! A lot of stuff in the course. I enjoyed the course and I learnt a lot. Design Thinking and customer development were discussed in detail. Different types of data and how they can be applied in product management was also discussed in detail. The course is very rich in information.

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